Add Me In feat. Meek Mill and Wiz … Lyrics By Chris Brown

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Your body’s an isosceles
And I’m just tryna try angles
Your love is trigonometry
Just tryna solve the whole equation

What’s it about you (about you)
I wanna love you
Picking you up, picking you up
So I can touch you
Should we do that? Can I do that? (baby)
Anwsers are usually in the bed

Substitution, add me in
Multiply my love

Is that too much?
What’s the problem, girl?
Add me in

I’ll calculate her home invasion
Divide your legs and count to 3 (3,2,1, come on)
He’s just not the answer baby
And that’s just my hypothesis

Girl if I said I loved you, I need you
Would you care?
So many things that I could learn
Baby if we do the math, it will equal up to me!

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