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Agnes just stop and think a minute
Why don’t you light that cigarette and
Calm down now stop and breathe a second
Go back to the very beginning

Can’t you see what was different then?
You were just popping Percocet
Maybe just four a week at best
Maybe a smoke to clear the head

Your head is so numb
That nervous breath you try to hide

Between the motions
That trembling tender little sigh

And so it goes
A choking rose back
To be reborn
I want to hold you like you’re mine

You see the sad in everything a
Genius of love and loneliness and
This time you overdid the liquor
This time you pulled the fuckin’ trigger

These days you’re rolling all the time
So low so you keep getting high
Where went that cheeky friend of mine?
Where went that billion dollar smile?

Guess life is long
When soaked in sadness
On borrowed time
From Mr Madness

And so it goes
A choking rose back
To be reborn
I want to hold you like you’re mine

You’re gone but you’re on my mind
I’m lost but I don’t know why

This Song Is From The Album: “How to Be a Human Being”.

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