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[Chorus:: OPENING]

i knew i was treated the way-yay-yay-yay you,
came to me said oh-no-no-yo-better run away, don’t stand, or stay


oh know, f*** me i didn’t bunk the,
man with the s*** hand, oh s*** you can f***** join
my band, i don’t have a stand to go through,
remember me i’m slim shady,
& you’re just a little to lazy,

to be my baby, go lady, i have work to do,
twenty-twenty, go rent the,
manny with no hanny, hands i mean lands,
lands with his f***** butt,
down legs and cluck, look at the time,
the clock, don’t blame me,
i’m slim, blame it on him,
50 rent it, ”i don’t have time emmy”,
alright then, trengy i look like a fool,
i’m so f***** cool, the way i dress,
the way i jump in the pool,
f*** someone else b**** or suck my f***** d***, ha ha, f*** all ‘a’ ya’ll.

[50 Cent]

look at man, look up, tell me why i’m trapped,
don’t go away i need ya’ in da tub,
it’s so hot when you f*** the club,

what am i sayin’ yeah i’m playin’,
dr. dre’s gone, now he’s back,
i mean shady, don’t go crazy,
we have work to do, work to do,
don’t go, baby stay, i have all the lady’s they hot,
smooth, i like it the way they touchin’ me there,
they don’t get a hold of it,
they making it better, my verse, on the verse, hold it, don’t let go, babo

[Chorus: 2 X]


guys you thought, i’d be gone,
shut up i’m done, f*** your tum,
tom you’re fun, fun, do i mean dum,
go away, come back, i like the way you do it,
50 you were right, i like the way these girls touch

me, as if i’m up three, don’t wee,
have more work to do, oh pee pee,
don’t go and cheat, i still have me,
me, me me & you, having s*x in the bed,
while the man with a dead bone head comes out,
touching you’re f***** s**y a**,
& comes out sneekin’ with the stinky a**whole,
spit throat, don’t blame me,
oh again, i need the a.rays i mean play i need dre,
he ain’t here is he ”no!”,
that’s what i thought would happen,
after my dog, took snoop dogg,
nate dogg, and the womans pu**y,
in to my d***, then what1 the hell,
jay z on the t.v. singin’ oh damn,
he’s so a racing. ok i just lost it,
now i’m playing toy soldiers on the f***** bin,
when i touch this bin, i will turn to steel,
i’ll be by the street mommy,
by the way ma’ i miss ya s-l-ut,
come back, bring you’re butt right here,
we still have a new record to ruin through,
oh & rades don’t make, stratin’ and tathen and rathen,
to my brother Nathen, take it over,
& Hailie don’t let Kim draw the curtains.

[Chorus: X 4]

another sentencing, another one, it’s gone, f*** man! dats it.

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