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[WHOO] Stat
Stat Quo:
Again, easin’ to it ___?
Stat Quo:
Im the next one one
Motherfuckers can’t fuck with me with me
Got a problem shorty come get me, get me
Nah I ain’t Dr. Dre nah I ain’t Eminem or 50
Dog I’m Stat

Verse 1::
Stat Quo:
As I think back retract
From the classroom to the trap
Freida’s only son had to hustle for scraps
It’s hard to relax when your wage minimum being broke
Fuck with my adrenaline before Dre and Eminem
I was tryna get on demo tapes state to state
Performing at clubs and doing whatever it takes
Relying on faith hoping my dreams take shape
And my fate meeting ???
I would wait for these A&R’s say I ain’t grind bitch
Spending my last dime on this studio time shit
A lot of folk told me I was stupid for tryin’ this
Situation crucial feds off in my climate
Home environment taking pictures of me it was ugly
The spot got hot scene felt like curry
Had my vision blurry to underground Atlanta
Hit the streets me and Zeke put a plan together
Shorty it’s now or never down to do whatever
You see the rainfall came but I had to bear that weather
Look your boy need cheddar like a mill or better
I was fed up but the benefit was worth the effort

Stat Quo:
I’m patiently waiting used to get love
Now the same n****Z hating wanna give me slugs
Partner don’t get it separated or twisted you cant fade it
Stat’s the wrong motherfucker to play with understand me…>

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