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MOVIE DOWNLOAD: Taxi Driver (1976) Full Movie MP4 HD

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Taxi Driver (1976)

Download Taxi Driver (1976) Full Movie MP4 HD With English subtitle.

Travis Bickle is an ex-Marine and Vietnam War veteran living in New York City.

As he suffers from insomnia, he spends his time working as a taxi driver at night, watching porn movies at seedy cinemas during the day, or thinking about how the world, New York in particular, has deteriorated into a cesspool.

He’s a loner who has strong opinions about what is right and wrong with mankind.

For him, the one bright spot in New York humanity is Betsy, a worker on the presidential nomination campaign of Senator Charles Palatine.

He becomes obsessed with her.

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After an incident with her, he believes he has to do whatever he needs to to make the world a better place in his opinion.

One of his priorities is to be the savior for Iris, a twelve-year-old runaway and prostitute who he believes wants out of the profession and under the thumb of her pimp and lover Matthew.

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Duration: 113 mins

Date of Release:- 07 Feb 1976

Starcast: Diahnne Abbott, Frank Adu, Victor Argo, Gino Ardito, Garth Avery, Peter Boyle, Albert Brooks, Harry Cohn, Copper Cunningham, Robert De Niro, Brenda Dickson, Harry Fischler, Jodie Foster, Nat Grant, Leonard Harris, Richard Higgs, Beau Kayser, Harvey Keitel, Victor Magnotta, Bob Maroff, Norman Matlock, Bill Minkin, Murray Moston, Harry Northup, Gene Palma, Harlan Cary Poe, Steven Prince, Peter Savage, Martin Scorsese, Cybill Shepherd, Nicholas Shields, Ralph S. Singleton, Joe Spinell, Maria Turner, Robin Utt, Tommy Ardolino, Joseph Bergmann, William Donovan, Jean Elliott, Annie Gagen, Trent Gough, Mary-Pat Green, James Mapes, Debbi Morgan, Billie Perkins,

Director(s): Martin Scorsese

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Genre: Drama, Thriller, ,



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